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Using Office 365 Video for the first Time

Microsoft Office 365 have recently added the Video Functionality to their subscriptions a cool new set of features indeed, but a new adventure of learning that is needed – hopefully this blog post can assist with the learning.

Depending on your Preview status options in your Microsoft Tenant you may not have the Video feature available to you:

To turn on the Preview option please follow this blog post:

Expand the new Top Nav display button and click Video , if you click the elipses button (…) you can pin to nav bar !



Your video page will start to load for the first time so this may take a while (Up to 10minutes)





Once Completed you will receive this nice Welcome Message , click Let’s go


One of the first things to note is the URL of the Video Portal



So let’s create our first Channel

Click the Create Channel Button , Give your channel a name and color:

Click Create


Once created you can now upload videos and share with your Security Groups, SharePoint Groups or even unauthenticated users(everyone)

Which I will take you through in my next blog post.


Additionally,  I found the below link an informative look into the new Video Portal



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