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My Top 5 Free Apps from the SharePoint Store

Here is a list of my recommended apps, a brief description of each app and why I find them useful.


Number 5 – Newsfeed notifier by QuePort

An awesome tool that displays how many Newsfeed updates that are related to your user account are available tool is awesome but ceases to work when you turn on the social enterprise features of yammer.

What I use it for: Exactly what it was created for showing users how many updates are available.



Number 4 – The Shreyan Accordion Display

The Shreyan Accordion Display runs off a central list that allows you to add content in a Accordion fashion, while this is possible to do with Jquery I much prefer the App available to display content in an Accordion,

What I use it for: frequently asked questions

Number 4 – Important Messages by The Habanero consulting Group

A really cool solution that allows you to display Messages by, Critical, Warning and Informational types … extremely handy to use for an outage system on your home page especially in a large organization when this type of information needs to be prevalent on a site and not static.

What I use it for: Outage System


Number 3 – Mini Calendar by Artezio LLC

The Mini calendar allows you to roll up multiple calendars and display it in a small compact WebPart extremely useful and have found it was designed extremely well with very little to any flaws.

What I use it for: Great little webpart for the home page of your intranet

Number 2 – AvePoint Meetings for SharePoint Online

A cool feature AvePoint have added to the SharePoint store is the AvePoint Meetings an app that allows you to create meetings, set agendas, do roll calls, set tasks, topics and so much more

Definitely a tool worth adding to your SharePoint Online site collection.

What I use it for: Use it to replace similar functionality to the Meeting Workspace from previous versions of SharePoint


Number 1 and my favorite – MetaVis Information Manager for Office 365

The Information Manager helps you manage your content so easy, allows you to bulk edit, tag, categorize items , upload from file shares and much, much more. I couldn’t count how many times this tool has saved my behind so it’s a clear number 1 for me.

What I use it for: I use it to manage my content, bulk upload data and set metadata on a multiple item level


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Free Apps from the SharePoint Store

  1. This will sound ridiculous…but I can’t figure out how to put the URL into the web part settings in order to make the mini calendar populate. I’ve tried pasting with http://… and /site/list/calendarname/ and all variations on that…and keep getting nothing. It says I dont have a list titled:whatever I pasted on our site…
    Could you give me some help on this? I have the mini calendar full and mini calendar lite apps.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anelia,

      Your actually putting the calendar name in the Mini Calendar configuration, it’s key to note to my understanding the calendar must live in the same site for it to work as it’s a name lookup – hopefully that helps.

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