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SharePoint Online Promoted sites

By Default when a Office 365 user is logged in they are redirected to the, naturally users trying to find their SharePoint then click the Sites link on the Office 365 nav bar

By default the user is taken to a list of all the sites and sites they are following, as seen in the image below…

So how do we change this list and control who sees these Promoted links?


  1. Logged on as an Administrator browse to
  2. On the left hand side navigation click user profiles3

  3. Select Manage Promoted sites


  4. Now we have a full list of all the promoted sites that are available for users to easily link off to, you can now add, edit, remove & even Apply Target audiences to specific audience groups to see certain sites.


    For example in your SharePoint tenant you have a HR Site Collection and would like to target an office 365 security Group called ‘HR’ you can easily apply Target audiences to only show HR staff this Promoted Link


    Below are some screenshots of the Promoted Links page along with the properties available when editing.

    So now you have the knowledge to start making Promoted Links useful to your users.


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