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SkyDrive Pro – what does it mean for my business.

Sky Drive may not be a completely new product too you an end user but Sky Drive or Sky Drive Pro as its now aptly named is a new component to SharePoint 2013.

Microsoft very recently announced that SkyDrive Pro storage will be increased to 25gb from the original 7gb(Woohoo!!) not only have Microsoft addressed the fact that the original 7gb may not of been enough storage for business users and their personal storage but they have added the option to be able to purchase either 50gb per user or 100gb per user for their SkyDrive Pro.

I personally cant think of a scenario where 25gb worth of personal data storage is needed in a corporate environment let alone 50gb or 100gb but Microsoft have given you that choice which is what im loving about Microsoft’s newly changing attitude towards Office 365..

Its an extremely positive move by Microsoft and with the additional storage available along with the great syncing capabilities SkyDrive possesses it really is a complete solution from moving your personal home drives or H:\ as we mostly see it off that dusty old server and into the cloud.



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